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Fate/Grand Order: Dive Into The Fate Multiverse Free on PC

Welcome to Chaldea, Master. You have been chosen as one of humanity’s defenders against extinction. Chaldea takes responsibility for the balance of the human race through Singularities – time paradoxes that may alter the future of humanity that will drive the people to extinction. With your abilities, you must maintain the Grand Order of history or the Fate of humanity will lead to doom in this FGO Duel.

The biggest gacha game finally fits the desktop! Play the English version of Fate Grand Order for free on the PC! You don’t need to summon an emulator or require Da Vinci to create a buggy 3rd party app to get the game going. It is still FGO as you know it on mobile except you can play it directly on the PC.  Do not forget to copy your ID before transferring from mobile to PC!

The Biggest Fate Story Now on PC

You saw Shirou going from zero to hero in Fate/Stay Night. Then, you uncovered the secrets in Fate/Zero. You went UMU in Fate/Extella. Next, you discovered the cutest girl ever but soon realized that “she” is a “he” in Fate/Apocrypha. In Fate/Grand Order, you get to meet every character from the original series down to the newest Servants.

Arguably One of the Best Stories in a F2P RPG

With its own original story, FGO takes place in an alternate timeline when every story in the Fate Series was tampered or interrupted by Chaldea. Known Servants from every nation and every timeline fight each other in order to retrieve the Holy Grail for themselves.

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Fate/Grand Order

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Due to this desire, humanity is plunged into chaos where Servants cause wars that alter the histories of our reality. Myths become existing heroes and iconic innovators transform into mega beings. It’s up to you to bring balance to the world and restore the Grand Order.

Intuitive Turn-Based RPG Combat in FGO Duel

You – the Master – give orders to Servants – your heroes. Every Servant has 3 unique skills and 5 random attack moves – each attack move being either Buster, Art or Quick. Ultimately, with enough charge, you can unleash your Servant’s Noble Phantasm (which is just a fancy term for Ultimate move). The combat is the bread and butter of FGO besides the story.

Deep & Engrossing Strategy & Meta

You will definitely need to consult strategy guides and experienced FGO pros if you want to survive the game’s unmerciful battles. You will need to mix and match the best Servants and invest wisely in order to utilize your resources to their fullest.

Personally, this and the story are what keeps me playing the game despite the bad gacha that FGO is widely known for. Nonetheless, FGO duel battles are where the game is at.

History, But Better

Imagine a lame History class but it was lectured by a weeaboo – you get FGO. In fact, the Servants are either based on real people from the past or from books! Plus, the stories are loosely based on true stories such as the feud between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, the stories of old Mesopotamia and the golden age of Renaissance France.

Never thought of saying, “Wow Leonardo Da Vinci is so hot” or “I swear Jack the Ripper is such a cutie patootie”? Well, FGO will make you think of those. Also in Fate Grand Order is Nero aka Red Seiba aka padoru padoru aka UMU. I’m just pointing it out there because she’s best Seiba, fight me.

Waifus & Husbandos Galore

If you lurk within the anime community, you will hardly miss anything Fate Grand Order-related. In fact, FGO is one of the biggest weeaboo communities ever – both games and anime. It’s amazing how one mobile game generated its own huge community on top of already-existing Fate fans since its original H game.

So, if you want to add waifus and husbandos in your collection, FGO Duel got you covered! First off, you have the sweet and precious eggplant Mash Kyrielight who dedicates her life to Chaldea and to you, her Senpai. And then the rest comes from the FGO Summon aka the gacha section where the saltiest salt in gacha games ever exist. These waifus and husbandos are called Servants and they follow your command for you are their Master. By the way, there’s also an affinity meter too; the closer and more affectionate you are with your servants, the better.

Experience the Saltiest Gacha Ever in FGO Duel

It’s so salty that even the developers themselves acknowledge how low the gacha rates are! We know that Rate Up is a lie but for Aniplex Inc to be self-aware is a new level of gachaposting.

Word of advice: don’t whale. Don’t ever buy Saint Quartz. That’s basically just gambling your money. Because, after all, F2Player or Whale, everyone gets salt. But, is it free to play? Not at all. If players can reach Lvl 140 just grinding their way and turn their best waifus and husbandos Grail’d up, then you can too.

Play Fate Grand Order/FGO Duel on PC

Unlike Edward and his dream of owning his own harem, FGO on PC is a reality! Now you play the game with the ease of your mouse. Or, if you like, you can map each card to a hotkey. Oh, and just letting you know – the gacha rates are still a lie even on PC. There is no escaping the fake up rates. But nevertheless, it’s FGO Duel on PC! That’s good civilization.

Game Features

  • Amazing Noble Phantasm (Ultimate Move) Animations
  • A Welcoming Expansion to the Fate Franchise and a Great Introduction to New Fate Fans
  • Amazing and Complex Turn-Based Combat
  • Plenty of Waifus and Husbandos to Collect (Pray that you Get the Guda Guda Goods)
  • Easy Combat Controls for PC

Download & Play Fate/Grand Order on PC FREE now!

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 Game Screenshot
 Game Screenshot

Fate/Grand Order: Dive Into The Fate Multiverse Free on PC