About Fate/Grand Order: Summon Servants To Save Humanity

 The year is 2017 and humanity’s grand observer Chaldea confirms that human history will face annihilation in 2019. And without warning that future disappeared along with the sudden invasion of Chaldea. Your job as the sole surviving Master of the ruined organization is to travel back in time and set the course of history straight. With your trusted servant at your side, you will travel across worlds, meet gods, and vanquish heroes — all for the sake of humanity’s future.


Fate/Grand Order delivers an action-packed, turn-based RPG experience and combines that with the popular gacha mechanic present in mobile games. Summon over 280 servants– incarnations of mythic gods and heroes. Then immerse yourself in the game’s unique story that will have you craving for more!

You can also enjoy the game’s iconic graphics design as it brings the best out of 2D animations. Marvel at the unique character designs inspired by legendary people from all forms of myths and history! Then heighten that experience by downloading the game on PC! Get access to improved graphics only possible on a desktop or laptop rig! Additionally, you can unlock customizable control options for smoother gameplay!

Your destiny awaits! Call your servant and save humanity from extinction!