How To Play Fate/Grand Order: PC Gameplay Features

 Since its worldwide release in 2017, Fate/Grand Order swallowed the world’s mobile gaming industry garnering millions of players! It surpassed the player count of popular titles like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in 2019. Developed by Delightworks, the game redefines RPG with thrilling gacha mechanics. But, that’s not all, it also offers compelling storylines, hundreds of characters to play with, and optimized PC compatibility! Let’s get into the details here.

Summon Servants To Aid You In Battle

As the sole-surviving Master of Chaldea, you can summon Heroic Spirits to aid you in battle. They possess immense power that could strengthen your allies or annihilate foes! You can call the aid of over 280 servants each with its unique character designs. Divided into eight classes, they take up arms as Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Assassin, Caster, Shielder, and Berserker. They also possess devastating special attacks called Noble Phantasm — which can turn the tide of any battle.

But be warned, you don’t hold the power to call a specific servant. You do not choose your destined spirit, they choose you. So, save up your magical energies, and pray-tell that you get the one heroic spirit that’ll lead you to save humanity.

Unravel The Mystery Behind Human History

Fate/Grand Order is an RPG game that offers a compelling storyline at par with its manga, and anime counterparts. Set in the Fate multiverse, you are a part of an organization called Chaldea that oversees humanity’s future. Your comrades were able to confirm that human history will be wiped out in 2019.

How to Play Fate Grand Order PC

Due to an unfortunate accident, that future disappeared and Chaldea was attacked by a malignant, yet powerful force. Your fellow Masters died during the attack and you’re the only survivor. Your job is to save humanity by fixing human history.

The game offers a different story for every timeline and world. It also tells the personal history of the iconic servants. You can also partake in a myriad of events that brings more characters into the title. Finally, every great story needs an even greater platform. You can double down on your Fate journey by downloading it on PC.

Playing Fate/Grand Order on PC

Fate/Grand Order is a massive hit that you can now play on PC for free! You will also have access to more features unavailable in its original platform. Our PC game version gives you access to improved graphics and fully mappable control options.

To begin your Fate PC experience just hit that “Play for Free” button and it’ll start the installation process. Follow the instructions and once that’s done, the game will start automatically. If you want to customize the controls just press F1 and it’ll prompt the customization menu. So, fulfill your role as Master! Summon Heroic Spirits, and save mankind on your PC now!