Fate/Grand Order: The Chaldea Guide To Master Duties

Fate/Grand Order is a fun, immersive game but it can also become challenging for beginners. It’s important to plan in this game as making mistakes can be devastating later on. Luckily for you, we have a beginner’s guide right here to set you on the path of becoming a true Master.

How to Summon Destined Heroic Spirit

The game offers 280 servants that you can summon to do your bidding. Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose, and the most powerful ones are hard to come by. You might end up spending tons of resources just trying to get a team of the most powerful Heroic Spirits.

That is ill-advisable, of course. Over time, the banners in Fate/Grand Order will change, and some spirits will have a higher chance to answer your call than others. So save all the currencies you can and wait for your destined hero to incur a “Rate Up”. This will give you a higher chance of getting what you want, while still maintaining some resources for more.

The Essential Rules of Servant Combat

Once you’ve acquired the servants of your dreams, you can then journey through multiple realms with the hope of saving humanity. However, evil forces will try to stop you in your tracks. Your heroic spirits have the power to protect you and fend off enemies. They have incredible strengths but also have accompanying weaknesses.

Fate Grand Order Basic Tips Free

Take into account that each servant falls under one of the eight classes exclusive to the Fate universe. Each class can exploit the weakness of another. Take note of this list to take advantage of enemy servants, while filling the gaps in your own:

  • The Saber class is the bane of the Lancer class. Archer is weak to Lancer, but can pierce through Saber.
  • The Rider can quell the magic of Caster but can annihilate an Assassin on-sight. On the other hand, Riders can easily become ambushed by Assassins.
  • The Shielders aren’t weak to any of the seven classes. They can dish out normal damage, and tank them too.
  • The Berserkers deal bonus damage to the other class but receive the same in return.
  • The Rulers receive half damage from all the others except Berserkers.

Take these into account when building your team of Heroic Spirits. Forming the right team for the job can make or break mankind’s destiny.

The Key To Victory is The Core Team

Finally, now that you understand how to summon your servants and the rules around their strengths and weaknesses. It’s time to move on to form your core team. Choose your main set of Heroic Spirits wisely, as upgrades in Fate/Grand Order doesn’t come cheap.

It’s also important to build them in a way that they will bring synergy to one another. Certain servants have the skills to heal or buff allies. Others can deal devastating damages, and some can tank damage to keep everyone else safe. Take these into account when you’re building them to avoid an untimely end.

Now you’re ready to forge the path to humanity’s salvation. Take heed of these simple pieces of advice as you journey across time and space. You can also make your journey more engaging by downloading or playing Fate/Grand Order on PC. It’s completely free!