Fate/Grand Order: The Training Manual on Heroic Combat

Fate Grand Order Guide

Fate/Grand Order’s battle system takes inspiration from classic role-playing games and employs turned-based combat. However, it’s more than just hacking your opponent’s HP away with flashy attack animations. If you’re not careful enough, you might find yourself resting in Hades’ arms sooner than you think. Fortunately, this training manual has everything you need to know about commanding your Servants.

Positioning The Servant Command Cards

Attacking in Fate/Grand Order comes in the form of command cards. They come in three types namely: Quick, Arts, Buster. Each card has its unique bonuses. Quick cards tend to create more critical stars. Arts cards generate more Noble Phantasm cards. Finally, Buster cards deal heavier damage.

The first card you pick for an attack also adds a bonus. And the kind of buff you get varies per card. Picking the Buster card first gives you an additional 50% increase to your damage modifier. The Arts card gives a 100% bonus to the NP gain modifier. Lastly, picking the Quick card gives you a 20% bonus critical star rate.

Additionally, picking three command cards of the same hero activates the Brave Chain– giving that servant an Extra Attack card that often acts as a finishing blow. Plan your attacks carefully as proper positioning of the cards can lead you to a quick victory. Timing them properly also sets you up to activate a Servant’s Noble Phantasm.

The Heroic Spirit’s Noble Phantasm

Noble Phantasms are a Heroic Spirit’s signature move. It’s their most powerful skill that embodies their identity, history, and achievements. You can activate a Servant’s NP by filling up its gauge. Once full, it’ll pop up an additional card to activate the skill.

Fate Grand Order Guide

Noble Phantasms are identified as first cards regardless of positions, so don’t expect to gain additional bonuses. Each NP has different effects on the battlefield so study them accordingly, and use them sparingly. Properly timing the use of a hero’s ultimate skill can give you a better chance of leaving the battlefield unscathed.

Understanding The Warriors Under Your Command

Every Heroic Spirit has its strengths and weaknesses. You need to understand their Class Affinity to keep them alive until the end. Other than that, they also have different attributes. This means that aside from their classes, they complement and oppose certain elements. The servants belong to five different elements, and each one has a specific effect:


Spirits of iconic humans in history. They are efficient against Sky servants.


Divine servants often worship as gods or deities. They are best used against Earth opponents.


Manifestations of spirits from fairy tales and folklore. They are the bane of Man.


They are the best of what humanity can offer. They are the nemesis of Beasts.


The clear incarnation of the apocalypse. They are the epitome of destruction and the sworn rivals of Star servants.

You must take these attributes to heart when you build your team against a certain servant. Likewise, knowing the opposing servant’s class and attributes can give you a hint on how to beat them. So that’s about it for this training manual. Ultimately, it all boils down to how you use this gift. But if you want to test your newfound knowledge out, it’s best to try it on PC! Just download our version — it’s absolutely free!